Josh Duhamel Supports Shelter Dogs (VIDEO)


There’s nothing more attractive than a man who loves animals! Yes, just another reason to swoon over actor and hunk Josh Duhamel.

Yesterday Josh released his own documentary-style personal video in support of the See what good food can do. campaign. The campaign aims to help shine a spotlight on the millions of shelter dogs in need of a forever home.

Last month Josh Duhamel, along with baseball’s David Ortiz, partnered with PEDIGREE to kick off the campaign at the Sundance Film Festival. People across the country can join PEDIGREE and Josh by sharing their transformation story of how their dog became their pet, using #DogTales on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and PEDIGREE will donate a bowl of food to a shelter dog in need (up to 100,000 bowls).

Check out the video below!



  1. Being a dog person myself, i think what pedigree is doing is amazing! And Josh and other celebs that volunteer their time are really great people.. The best ending is that the dog was adopted.

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