Victoria Beckham Visits Cape Town To Support Born Free Initiative


Victoria Beckham spent some time with a patient named Esmonic during a site visit to Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town for Born Free on Monday. While there, Victoria also posed with staff from the Mother2Mother programme at the Delft Community Health Centre in Cape Town. She took a tour with some of the staff during a site visit to Tygerberg Hospital and also talked to Mothers2mothers mentor Nozi, at home with her daughter and UNAIDS project workers.




Private sector-led initiative to end mother-to-child HIV transmission by December 31, 2015

Born Free is a private sector-led initiative with the sole objective of ending mother-to-child transmission of HIV by December 31, 2015.

The world has experienced more than a 50% decline in new HIV infections in children since 2003, yet more than 700 children are still born with HIV each day. The solution is just one pill once a day.

Born Free and its advisory board of business CEOs believe every mom, child, and family should have the opportunity to live a life born HIV-free.

Born Free invests people, time, and business acumen to significantly accelerate the pace towards a generation born HIV-free in the African countries most affected by this issue.

Born Free invests in local African talent who work behind the scenes to drive change within their own governments toward elimination. Born Free also produces analyses on key policy issues using a business lens and is harnessing the voice, creativity, and reach of the fashion industry to inspire urgency as the deadline for a generation born HIV-free approaches.


  1. Fair play Victoria but eat for crying out loud. When your arm is the same width as a sick kid’s. Just sayin.

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