Tyra Banks: On A Mission To Fight Fat Talk


Tyra Banks is one of the most popular supermodels and not only because of her successful modeling career, but because of her big impact on the fashion industry. Unfortunately, because she made her bucks as a supermodel she is constantly being watched and when her figure or looks change, so do the comments people have about her. And quite frankly, she’s sick of the negative that people say about her.


And so she took to the web to express her frustration, “I post pictures with no make-up, with a bit of jiggle in my butt. I get a lot of positive stuff and a lot of negativity. It just goes on and on and on.”

Even though she can’t really say exactly what she wants to back to the “haters”, she said, “I’m a bit of a renegade and a rebel and I don’t like when someone says I can’t do something. I don’t mind when they make certain comments but when it gets nasty, I just block them. I’ll follow [the photo] up with another one like, look at this juicy body.”

She went on to say that the internet, specifically social media, is horrible when it comes to other people criticizing others’ appearances. Banks said, “I see that first hand with Instagram. Certain girls de-tagging themselves or taking photos down. The world’s so construed to perfection that when they see real, they don’t like it.”

“People feel they can hide behind something [online]. If there was more transparency, they wouldn’t be as crazy. People have a bad day, you say some crap and it makes you feel good for a second. It’s a dark time and particularly now when it comes to women and their bodies. Women’s body types go in and out of fashion. Now it’s, be skinny but not look like you’re going to pass out. Women feel that pressure. Like many years ago there was a pressure to fatten up and be curvy. It’s sad that women feel this way.”

Banks knows the pressure comes from the media and television. “I’m talking about when someone you love and follow in movies and they’re very thin, and you’re a fan of them and you see they are super duper thin.”

She adds, “I constantly hear models do fat talk. They’d be like, I’m so fat. I think they have a lot more pressure than they used to. They know that skinny actresses are getting more magazine covers. They see that and this is their career – it’s their livelihood. They need to be in the best-dressed. All that exposure helps their career, and they’ll get more exposure when they’re thinner.”

And yes, it happened to her first hand. “I was a size 4 (UK Size 8) to a small 6 (UK Size 10) and my body was changing. My waist could fit the clothes but my boobs and bum couldn’t. I used to overhear people say ‘she’s fat’ in different languages.”

I adore Tyra Banks. She is so real and honestly seems like she wants to make the industry a better place!


  1. Honestly, I don’t understand why women are so quick to jump at other women. We all have imperfections. I feel like it’s much more productive to point out the good in others than to make fun of their imperfections.

  2. Tyra has a lot of good things to say here. The public image we put out there of ourselves is usually only they stuff where we look super good….we should post more “real” photos!

  3. I wish we could all support each other, sometimes I think we are so fixated on weight but it to fat or to thin – yes they are so extremes but we do make things worse with our obsessions over them x

  4. I really like that famous people talk about important issues. I like that she is trying to show, that being skinny is not the most important thing in the world.

  5. I agree with her & I’m glad she peaks up and posts some photos without caked on makeup or retouching body parts. It’s sad when men judge women based on appearance & talk poorly but it’s way sadder when women are the ones bashing other women’s looks. We really shouldn’t be calling anyone skinny or fat because it’s not really about that. If you’re going to concern yourself with someone else’s weight it should be out of care about being healthy, not what they look like.

  6. I love Tyra & what she stands for. She is not afraid to put herself out there & be herself. Women should just be proud with what they were given instead of trying to reach unrealistic ideals!

  7. I have always loved Tyra and how real she has always been with her fans and the world. I think it’s wonderful that she is as such and I appreciate any celebrity that does the same.

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