Singer & Songwriter Sara Alina Teams Up with Polished Girlz Nonprofit Organization


17-year-old pop songstress Sara Alina has teamed with 13-year-old philanthropist Alanna Wall and her Polished Girlz nonprofit organization to spread joy and entertainment to children with special needs or frequent hospitalizations at facilities across the U.S.

The two will host mini-mani parties (featuring on trend nail art and custom manicures) with SARA ALINA joining the Polished Girlz team to not only polish nails, but also donate concert tickets and gift bags to the children, clients and volunteers of the Polished Girlz in every city where SARA ALINA performs. These giveaways will reinforce the positive energy created by the mini-mani parties in providing a welcome break for those dealing with illness and hospitalization on a daily basis. The first event is scheduled for Friday, February 28th at the Ronald McDonald House; it will coincide with SARA ALINA’s Sunday, March 2nd appearance at the Teen Party Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE this idea!

“Sara is so amazing, and kind and silly, she is going to be a source of joy to our clients,” Alanna Wall says. “It will be a really welcome surprise when they find out how much she cares about them and just wants them to be happy like I do.”

“Alanna is one of the most caring girls I have ever met,” Sara Alina says. “The reason her idea for polished girls was so successful is because she cares about everyone around her, making her beautiful! I am sure that she will continue to inspire young girls around the globe with what she does. She is awesome!”

It sounds like they are both doing amazing things. Kudos to you ladies for helping make a difference!


  1. I love seeing celebrities doing good. I haven’t heard of Sara Alina, but I like that the first time I see her name and hear about her it’s for something good.

  2. I’ve never heard any of Sara Alina’s music but we listen to top 40 stations and maybe I’ve heard her and don’t realize it. Regardless, what she is doing here is wonderful, along with Alanna Wall. What girl doesn’t love a manicure? 🙂

  3. That is such a great idea and a beautiful thing they are doing. I have known a few kids that have had multiple and extended stays in the hospital and this would have definitely brightened their day as well as their parents who are desperate for ways to make their children happy in a difficult time.

  4. That is amazing and I love it too. It’s nice when the stars make that extra effort because it means a lot to the kids who put a lot of weight on the things singers/actors and so forth do that they like.

  5. yes going to check out some of her music as well. My daughter has a rare genetic disorder would benefit from a service like this I wish there was a way to have this kind of set up here in Michigan.

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