Rosie O’Donnell Talks Weight Loss Surgery at Go Red For Women Luncheon


Rosie O’Donnell suffered a heart attack back in August of 2012 and is now speaking out about the health scare that almost took her life. At the annual Go Red For Women Luncheon in Detroit, sponsored by the American Heart Association, O’Donnell was the keynote speaker and talked about the weight loss surgery she underwent last summer.

Rosie said that she lost 40 pounds since she had the surgery and doctors are recommending she lose 40 more pounds.

She said, “I did what many woman do, and I did not take care of myself. And that’s why I’m here, to try to get women to know you’re worth it, take care of yourself and know the symptoms.”

She vaguely revealed what happened via her website following the incident, “My body hurt/ i had an ache in my chest/ both my arms were sore/ everything felt bruised/ musculature – i thought/ strained or pulled tissue.”

But instead of calling 911, she popped a Bayer aspirin (after seeing one of those Bayer commercials) that basically saved her life.

“Thankgod,” she wrote. “Saved by a tv commercial/ literally/ i did not call 911.”

Even though she did not call 911, she did go and see a cardiologist the next day and that is where they put a stent in and she realized this was nothing to mess around with!


  1. many women feel nauseated, or low back paid during a heart attack. My grandma had these symptoms and it was a heart attack being treated in ER with… heartburn meds. STAND UP and speak out!

  2. You can say this and that about getting in shape, but it’s what condition your insides are in that makes all the difference.

  3. I have a good friend who had that surgery and has lost 60 lbs. In one way I am happy for her, but I lost more than that and I did it the hard way, so I don’t have much respect for her. I think she took the easy way out.

  4. Good for her for speaking out. It’s good to spread the word about the benefits of being healthy, and the very real potential consequences if you neglect being healthy.

  5. The symptoms of heart attacks in women are more often then not totally different then for men. Rosie is very lucky she is still alive today-that aspirin literally saved her life!

  6. She looks alot better now but no one should take their health for granted its better to get checked for every little thing than to keep ignoring things and they lead to something worse.

  7. I didn’t know Rosie had a heart attack. Geeze, wonder where I have been. I have known people that have had surgery to lose weight. Thank goodness I don’t have a weight problem, but my Hubs is now trying to lose weight.

  8. Heart health is so important! Many people in my family have had heart problems, and they did not know that the symptoms for women were different than the symptoms for men. It is scary!

  9. I am not a big fan of the idea of surgery for weight loss, but to each his own. I think eating better and exercising would have done her heart better than surgery ever could….after all, it’s more than just the number you see on the scale. She looks much better though

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