Rihanna Offers To Pay For Fan’s Funeral


All celebrities have those big fans. You know, the ones who are devoted to their idol and follow them on the day to day and really show love to the star who has impacted their life one way or another. And there are celebrities out there who really DO care about their fans. Example? Rihanna.

According to reports, 14-year old Thiago Sobral Valencia, one of Rihanna’s biggest fans in Brazil, has died.

Apparently, Thiago, who went by “Thyago Fenty” online, “was stabbed to death by his drunken stepfather who also killed Thiago’s 9-year-old brother Santos Junior Osvaldo and their mother Vanessa Almeida Sobral. The brutal crime stunned the family’s neighbors and the city of Sergipe.”

Well as soon as Rihanna heard about what happened, SHE reached out to Thiago’s family via Twitter offering her condolences and she also offered to pay for Thiago’s funeral.

“R.I.P. To one of our fallen soldiers, brutally murdered yesterday in Brazil! 14 year old Thiago, will forever be in our hearts! #Navy

Just learned that Thiago’s mother and sibling were also murder victims in the horrible and tragic turn of events! Dear God! #Navy#RIPThiago

Let’s send our support to his family and friends during this difficult time guys! #RIPThiago”

Rihanna had her peeps reach out to Brazilian authorities to get into contact with Eronilton Santos, Thiago’s biological father so she could offer her condolences and pay for Thiago’s funeral.

But Eronilton rejected the offer. He said, “I was surprised that they’re concerned about it. The representative said that it was a request from Rihanna herself, who wanted to offer all kinds of help. They wanted to pay for the funeral, but I only asked if she would provide a tribute to him. The only thing I thought is that from heaven, where he is, he’s going to see this gesture. The impact of the message she posted about it on Twitter was huge.”

“He never went [to Rihanna’s concert] because of the lack of money. Since last year, when he knew she would come to Brazil, he began to save money in a safe to be able to see her.”

So sad!


  1. Well, she tried and it was a heartfelt gesture I am sure. More then likely his father doesn’t want a media present at the burial-it is bad enough to lose someone precious to you without it becoming a circus.

  2. What a very nice thing for Rihanna to do. We look at celebrites sometimes as inhuman… but many of them are down to earth caring people. I can’t say all of them are caring though… nor down to earth.

  3. What a sad story! Horrible things like this keeps happening around us. Its nice to hear about Rihanna’s offer though.. There are still good people in the world which is a relief.

  4. Oh my goodness, how sad. I just don’t understand horrible things like this. That was very kind of her to offer to pay for the funeral. With sad things like this it is nice to see the humanity in others.

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