Katy Perry, Pink and Other CoverGirls Tell Girls “You Can Do Anything!” (VIDEO)

You all can probably think of a few decent women role models in the entertainment industry right now…you know, the women that you are okay with your daughters looking up to. I can count a few on one hand and they are all in the newest Covergirl commercial encouraging young girls and women to never give up!

You know you have all said it at least once. “I can’t.” Am I not right? And maybe you haven’t actually said it, but you’ve thought it. I know I have.

Well, these women are here to tell you that you can!

In a new campaign by Covergirl called “Girls Can”, Katy Perry, Pink, Ellen DeGeneres, Becky G, Janelle Monae and more show up in the new ad to encourage girls to take challenges, break down barriers and turn “can’ts into cans.” I LOVE that!

It is a 60 second commercial with Ellen Degeneres first making her appearance saying, “Girls can’t. Sometimes you hear it, but more often you feel it.”

Each of the Covergirls take their turn saying things that people have told them that girls can’t do.

After watching this video I am definitely feeling inspired. Yes, you can!

Check it out below.


  1. I’d love to see a commercial like this with the roles reversed and see something for the guys. I feel like there’s always such an emphasis on “girl power” but not a lot on strong male role models.

  2. This is a great campaign featuring the very celebs that young girls go crazy for. Good for Covergirl for sending out this important message to inspire young girls.

  3. I love it when celebrities use their influence for good and encourage young women to be better. They are looked up to in so many ways and when they can do things to change the stigma of some of the other celebrities, it’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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