Hilary Duff Meets With One Of Her Biggest Fans, A Combat Veteran


Hilary Duff may be in New York working on a pilot for a new show and being a mother, but she also takes time out of her busy schedule to make fans happy.

And most recently, Duff made one lucky fan’s dream come true with a special visit. Two time combat veteran SPC Michael Lynch is a huge Duff fan and has been for forever. He not only has watched every episode of Lizzy McGuire, he owns all her albums and saw her on The Dignity tour seven times. But he never got the opportunity to meet his idol…until now.

And it all went down on Saturday.

Of their meeting, Lynch explains, “When she first came out I was at a lost for words. I feel like I had so many things I wanted to tell her and forgot, I couldn’t speak, LOL. We talked about her son and her missing him. We talked about her new album and her getting back into the studio. She told me she respects the military and everything we do.”

That is so awesome! I am sure that is a moment he will never forget. I think it is so great when celebrities take time for their fans.


  1. That was really nice of her to make one soldiers dream come true–to meet her! I can well imagine he became tongue tied-hey so would I if I met someone I idolized.

  2. That was so nice of her to make the time for a fan, especially when that fan has given so much for all of us. I have always loved that she is a great example for our children, this just shows she has not changed.

  3. She is really sweet, I like that she thinks of her fans. Nice that it doesn’t all go to their heads with the fame. Glad some remember how they got to where they are at, with their fans bringing them to the top.

  4. While I think she is one of the biggest twits, I do think it’s nice she finally made this boys dream come true. I’m sure it’s an encounter he will cherish forever!

  5. Aw, that’s such a sweet story! It’s great to hear about celebrities who take the time for the people who made them celebs in the first place. Too many seem to forget that without fans, they wouldn’t have any fame and fortune.

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