Angelina Jolie Greets Refugees In Lebanon


Angelina Jolie visited Zahle, Lebanon earlier this week and spent time to meet with some of the THOUSANDS of refugees who have fled the civil war in Syria. What a sad, scary situation!

In the photo above you can see Angelina bending down to chat with a young Syrian refugee.

“Meeting these children was a heart-rending experience,” Angelina said in a statement. “They have lost their families and their childhood has been hijacked by war. They are so young, yet they are bearing the burdens of their reality as if they are adults.”

How great of Lebanon though to welcome the Syrian refugees to their own country. And Jolie agrees. “The generosity and solidarity shown by Lebanon and Lebanese to its neighbor serves as an example to the world for which we should all be grateful. We all need to help them bear this burden,” Jolie said.

Jolie is said to be on a three day visit to the camps.

So sad. It is nice to see Angelina Jolie bringing attention to this situation. Nobody should have to live that way.


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