Kelly Osbourne Is Going To Pay It Forward In 2014


It is officially 2014 and in case you haven’t yet chosen a resolution for you to work on for 2014, Kelly Osbourne has the perfect idea for you. Pay It Forward! And hey, it makes you feel good to, right?

Kelly shared the above photograph on her Instagram with the following caption, “Making a resolution to pay it forward everyday. What’s yours? #LetsBubble #ad what’s your #resolution this #NYE”.

So here’s the deal…Let’s Bubble is being put on by Scrubbing Bubbles. From now through February 15th, it’s looking for messy places, like your local community center or your homeless shelter…food pantry, etc. All you have to do is share your messy place of choice on their site or by using the hashtag #LetsBubble. And after the campaign ends and submissions are in, FOUR places are going to receive a free cleaning.

But that’s not all…by sharing places, you’ll also be helping Scrubbing Bubbles raise $25,000 toward charity.

Gotta love those positive New Year’s Resolutions! Doing good makes you feel good.

More information on this campaign here.


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