Josh Duhamel and David Ortiz Talk Meatloaf And Foxxy

David Ortiz

Josh Duhamel and David Ortiz and are partnering with PEDIGREE to kick off the “See what good food can do” campaign and help shine a spotlight on the millions of shelter dogs in need of a forever home. Every dog owner has a story, so these fellow dog lovers helped kick off the campaign by unveiling their own personal videos in the support of the program from the storytelling venue – Sundance Film Festival. The new documentary style campaign features real stories of shelter dogs, their shelter caregivers and the dog’s new families.

Josh Duhamel

Now, the brand is calling on Americans to See what good food can do.T People across the country can join PEDIGREE, Ortiz and Duhamel in their effort to showcase the impact that some extra attention, good food and loving care can make in the life of a shelter dog. Getting involved is easy:
Every time dog lovers share their transformation story of how their dog became their pet, using #DogTales on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, PEDIGREE will donate a bowl of food to a shelter dog in need (up to 100,000 bowls).
View the documentary style films by Ortiz and Duhamel at While on the page, share these videos with friends. Leave a comment and let us know how your shelter dog became your pet.

“My adopted dog Meatloaf was my inspiration for beginning to work with shelters and it means so much to me to partner with PEDIGREE, a brand that believes in caring for and finding dogs loving homes as much as I do,” remarked Josh Duhamel. “There are so many dogs waiting in shelters that just need good food a little help, and together we want to make a difference.”

“I couldn’t imagine a day without my dogs Foxxy and Happy. It’s amazing to see how they have not only transformed our family, but also each other,” remarked David Ortiz. “Foxxy is a little bit older, but her spirit and life has truly improved thanks to Happy’s amazing energy. I’m honored to be part of the See what good food can do. campaign, because I believe in the power of good food to help dogs look and feel their best while waiting for their loving home.”

Photos via: Jack Dempsey/AP, courtesy of the PEDIGREE(r) Brand.


  1. I am a big fan of shelter adoptions- we currently have 2 shelter dogs right now, have fostered and placed many more. These animals are just as good as pedigreed animals and deserve a chance! Its so nice to see celebrities and pedigree cooperating to make a difference and increase awareness for shelter adoptions.

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