Michael Franti Spends Time With Sick Fan


Singer Michael Franti continues to touch lives everywhere he goes and that is what I love so much about the Sound of Sunshine singer. He’s all about giving back.

Recently he spent some time with a fan and shared via Facebook:

“Systemic Lymphedema is a painful, debilitating and deadly condition that Melanie Chaite has had from birth. She’s had over 20 operations in 20 years and spent the last two years going to university from the hospital where she’s been an honor student. Her condition has got worse so she’s had to stop school. Her friend Keith (an awesome high school magician: think david Blaine) contacted Do It for The Love and surprised her by flying her from New Jersey to Tampa for our show last night. In this picture she is filling in a tattoo I have that says “today I pray for____.” She filled in her own name and said, “I see so much pain in the world, I’ve lived with pain my whole life, if I could take on the whole world’s pain and make it all go away for even 15 minutes I would”. Her mother Wendy and brother Daniel are bright lights. I was moved. #goodpeople #hoodfriends #goodfamily”


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