Tracy McGrady and Invisible Team Up to Launch the World’s Smartest Multi-Functional Bottle


How cool is this?!

Invisible and Seven-Time NBA All-Star, Tracy McGrady partnered to launch the first ever multi-functional bottle, which transforms into a line of sustainable products, and an exclusive eco-centric buyback program to decrease pollution and waste. The demand for consumers seeking a convenient, safer alternative to plastic and paper products inspired Invisible to design a modern bottle that converts into stylish everyday use items made of biodegradable materials – sports bottle, baby bottle, sippy cup, coffee cup, uv filtration, medicine dispenser, and a bluetooth wireless speaker. The 340 billion beverage bottles and cans not recycled each year worldwide sparked Invisible to establish an unprecedented buyback program, IBottle Care, which encourages consumers to responsibly reduce, reuse, and recycle. Invisible aims to sustain the natural environment while working to simultaneously save consumers money and time.

Invisible Bottle is a passion project for Tracy McGrady to advocate environmental awareness. He was first pitched the idea earlier this year during the NBA Championship in San Antonio, Texas. “Using technology that makes plastic and stainless steel products to create an all-in-one multi-functional bottle and integrating it with environmental and social awareness is brilliant,” T-Mac told the media. The objective behind partnering together is to promote sustainability of the brand and planet to increase the demand for use of recyclable products. Invisible’s designer, Kevin Peterson, envisioned a world in which the people who are consuming products they love can have them made out of sustainable materials to reduce waste. “If you think about recyclable products, most of them are not cool,” Kevin later emphasized. “We wanted to bring art and modern fashion sensibility and integrate that with innovation and technology to literally transform a bottle into something cool and convenient for everyone. Tracy McGrady brought some of that sensibility to the Invisible Bottle Fundraising campaign which will begin airing Wednesday.”

Manufacturing Invisible products comes with a high price tag, but our goal is to make it affordable. With a long list of Invisible products, expect to see the first line in February 2014 ― Invisible Sports, Invisible Baby, Ultra UV, Invisible Medicine, and the Invisible Blo Wireless Speaker, with iPhone and Android compatibilities. Retail prices are from $19 to $100. To further our goal, $1.00 of the proceeds from each Invisible Bottle sale will benefit charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of the proceeds given to charity: water will directly fund clean water solutions.

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