Leonardo DiCaprio Could Be Part Nepal Tiger


Leondardo DiCaprio COULD be part Nepal Tiger or just REALLY love them. The Inception actor donated THREE million dollars to help save tigers in Nepal, having sent the money to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) through his charity foundation. This donation will now be used to help increase the number of tigers in Nepal by 2022, the year of the tiger.

DiCaprio said in a statement that he is “hopeful” the donation will help “exceed the goal” of doubling the country’s tiger population. The sad news is that Nepal’s tigers have been classified as endangered under threat from “habitat destruction and escalating illegal poaching”.

Here’s a little fun fact for you. The DiCaprio Foundation has already helped increase Nepal’s tiger population at Terai Bardia National Park from 18 to 50. Kudos!

“His foundation is all about delivering real results for conservation on the ground and empowering local communities; nowhere is that more evident than in Nepal,” said WWF president Carter Roberts.

The DiCaprio Foundation’s mission statement is to protect “Earth’s last wild places and foster a harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world”.

He’s got the heart and the money AND the power to make a change.

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