MLB Rookie Pitcher Donates Check, Kick Starts New Clinical Trial For Children With Cancer


Jose Fernandez is definitely off to a good start!

Miami Marlins Rookie pitching sensation Jose Fernandez was awarded “Outstanding Rookie of the Year,” winning NL Players Choice Award. Celebrating recognition, he made a decision that would set off a series of events that could start saving lives of children with a rare cancer as soon as 18 months.

On Monday, November 5th Jose Fernandez when given the choice of charity of whom to donate his $20K award to, he immediately answered, “Live Like Bella.” “I want to help children with cancer. I have spoken to Bella’s parents and we are all very happy,” said Jose Fernandez, who has been an important part of the Miami Marlins involvement with Live Like Bella Foundation.

Because of this $20K donation, a research project to develop a clinical trial called the “Lane-Bella project” will be kicked off under the direction of Dr. Charles Keller at Oregon Health & Science University. The research and trial which focuses on Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma was the specific childhood cancer responsible for the deaths of Bella Rodriguez-Torres (age 10) in 2013 and Lane Goodwin (age 13) in 2012. Both children captivated the world with their positivity despite having childhood cancer and the gravity of their situations. Lane was an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan and Bella a great fan of the Miami Marlins. Both teams have rallied behind the families to provide support. The children’s foundations: Thumbs up For Lane and Live Like Bella have partnered, and each is contributing $90,000 to make this new pre-clinical trial possible.

The Live Like Bella Foundation was founded in memory of Bella Rodriguez-Torres. It funds innovative pediatric cancer research, provides recreational support for families with children in treatment and assists families who have lost a child to cancer. For more information, visit

KUDOS Mr. Fernandez!


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