Venus Williams Wants To Help Empower Young Girls!


It is a movement I totally can back and agree with and apparently so does superstar Venus Williams.

It’s all about the Fortune Girls and they are super excited to be on a mission to empower tween girls ages 6-12 all around the world through our multi-cultural Fortune Girls characters. We aim to raise $20,000 to produce an animated short featuring the Fortune Girls characters! We love these international girls, as they are super funny, quirky and very much like your average tween. . . or not!

Venus showed her support by posting on her Facebook page saying, “As someone who embodies sportsmanship, confidence, and the belief to dream big, I identify with Fortune Girls. Join the movement and support the campaign to empower tweens TODAY! The Nov 15th deadline is approaching fast. So don’t wait, a small donation goes a long way!”

If you would like to support the movement or simply check it out, go here and know that even $1 will do!


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