Nick Carter Discusses Personal Battles With Drugs And Alcohol On The Doctors


Singer Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys discusses his personal battles with drugs and alcohol and how he turned his life around after being diagnosed with a heart condition, on THE DOCTORS, airing Monday, October 7th (check your local listings).

Former teen heartthrob Nick Carter offers a cautionary tale to young pop stars like Justin Bieber in a frank discussion with THE DOCTORS regarding his years of drug and alcohol abuse and explains why other young celebrities fall prey to addiction: “You can get whatever you want in this industry,” said Carter. “It’s a vicious cycle and if you don’t have a good support system and good family and good friends you can fall into that hole.” Carter also reveals that being diagnosed with the heart disease cardiomyopathy was the impetus for changing his life. “I was blessed to listen to the doctor,” he said. “It changed my lifestyle…I completely eliminated drugs and alcohol.”

Tune in to THE DOCTORS, Monday, October 7th for the full Nick Carter interview and watch as his fiancée Lauren comes up on stage to lift and squat her husband-to-be.

Good for Nick! Glad to see him healthy and happy!


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