Katy Perry Performs At Lakewood High School, Winner Of “Roar” Contest

Katy Party not only celebrated her 29th birthday by giving a private concert, but she performed for the winners of the Roar with Katy Perry contest.

The video became a viral frenzy after 2,000 students and staff at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colorado lip-synced Perry’s lyrics group by group from student athletes to cheerleaders to members of the pep band and more, for its school spirit. The video was shot in a single take.

Katy selected the winning video. She told Good Morning America, “It was thousands of kids coming together to ‘Roar’ and that’s what this competition means to me.” She added, “So many different high schools came together and I was truly touched. Emotionally, I laughed, I cried. I was blown away by some of the creativity. There were so many different variations and I appreciated all of them. There were a lot of finalists and I really loved that everybody just had that school spirit still. We live in a time where I think where we are really distracted. … We can be someone else, on our phones …Everyone came together and just made fantastic videos. School spirit still lives.”

The students transformed their gym into a concert venue, complete with banners and signs reading “One World, One Roar”, preparing for the big concert!

Even though she turned 29, Perry says she feels like a teen. n “I’m 29. I feel great. I still feel like I’m 13 sometimes. Obviously you can tell by my music and my spirit. I’m so excited about this record and I just love all the participation and the unification …of all of you guys coming together and roaring.”

At the concert, Perry sang “Roar” (complete with a jump rope routine), along with her new single “Walking on Air” and “Firework.”

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