Demi Lovato Has Advice For Teens


Demi Lovato, judge on the X Factor, pens a column for Seventeen’s November issue. In the feature, the pop superstar give readers advice on how to keep your cool in any situation and present yourself in a positive manner.

Seventeen’s November issue is on newsstands now.

Check out the highlights from Seventeen below:

Focus on the Moment:

Sometimes life can feel like one big race, and you’re constantly trying to keep up. When I feel overwhelmed, I take a few minutes to remind myself that all we have is right now.

Show your Softer Side:

Strength may project confidence, but vulnerability isn’t a weakness. Don’t struggle to put up a perfect front—by sharing my issues, I’ve been able to help others.

For more advice from Demi, go to and pick up the November issue of Seventeen, on newsstands now.

Now that is some positive inspiration from Demi, who has been through so much!


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