SPONSORED POST: Sit in Time Out…A TechTime Out!


Celebritiesdogood.com was given a challenge…a challenge to put all tech devices away for one hour of our day (of my awake time, that is). And by all tech devices, I was informed that the laptop, smart phone, television and the smart speakers, ipod were ALL included. So what would I do with that hour of no time plugged in? Would I be able to handle putting everything away for that short duration? You’d THINK it would be easy, but in this day in age it is hard to imagine life without devices that are often times glued to our ears and hands.

It was time for a tech timeout.

Kids, put your ipods, kindles and other hand-helds away, it’s time to hang out together without these things…you know, like they did in the “olden” days.


The definition of a techtime out:

A tech timeout includes finding something to do as a family for one hour a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
And while this seemed like an easy thing to do, my phone and laptop were just feet away dinging and dinging. Should I answer it? Should I check up on my email? Maybe my site is down and someone is trying to let me know. Perhaps I am getting a response from a brand that I really wanted to work with?

After calming my mind and actually taking a time out I was able to enjoy myself. I hugged and cuddled my kids. We talked. We joked. I read books to them and they read books to me. It was time well spent. And I DID forget about the tech bubble that I seem to live in.

Will you challenge yourself to take a tech time out? For more information, visit the Tech Timeout here.

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