Sophia Bush, Kristen Bell Join Invisible Children’s #zeroLRA campaign


Sophia Bush, Kristen Bell, Kristin Davis, Hary Shum, Rachel Bilson and Ryan Hansen are just some of the Hollywood supporters who have recently rallied around Invisible Children, the organization that exists to bring a permanent end to LRA atrocities. And as Invisible Children launches their #zeroLRA campaign today, Sophia Bush is already Instagramming and Tweeting up a storm of support.

Human rights issues have been center stage in the media arena and we are consumed with the impossible problem of Syria and the tragedy that struck Nairobi this week. Here is a similar story: a people torn by genocide and civil unrest for over 25 years, but because of the work of the global community who have rallied around Invisible Children, these people and this conflict has a solution in site. There are 250 members of the LRA holding 140 women and 72 children captive – and displacing more than 10,000. It’s time to bring that number to zero.

Invisible Children launched a campaign today to do just that. They will stand for nothing: no child soldiers, no killing, and no war. And they will celebrate everything: every escape, every name, and every life. Their new campaign, which launched today, allows visitors to read the real-life stories of many others like Opondo, learn about their strategy to end the conflict and fundraise to help Invisible Children reach its $3 million goal for this campaign. In Invisible Children’s spirit of keeping the fun in fundraising, donations to the campaign will result in defection fliers sent to donors’ homes, trips to Uganda awarded to top fundraisers every two weeks, tickets to the Fourth Estate Leadership Summit and Holiday Benefit Show, personal videos from Invisible Children’s celebrity supporters, trips to meet Jedidiah Jenkins wherever he is in the world at the time and even an Invisible Children “roadie” van.

Sophia recently took the stage at Invisible Children’s Fourth Estate Leadership Summit, where she said, “Look around this room at each other and have a moment to realize and give gratitude to the fact that you’re here. You’re here prioritizing the ‘we.’ Movements like this have taught me that we carry passports as global citizens. There is no ‘kids in Africa’ or ‘kids in America’….there is just ‘us.’”


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