Christie Brinkley Blessed The Rains Down In Africa


I’m sorry but every time I hear someone is in Africa, the Toto classic has become emblazoned in my mind.

And, well…Christie Brinkley is in Africa…not sure if she is blessing the rains, but she is travelling for a purpose!

She posted the following via her Facebook page,

“Here we are on the game drive excited after seeing lions..Sailor and i are travelling with the committed anti poaching group #stoprhinopoaching and animal lovers like @realbailing who has millions of followers in China which is one of the Two countries creating the demand for rhino horn the other is Vietnam… China and the Phillipines also create the market for ivory demand… If only we could reach out to these countries with the information so they truly understand the violence , suffering and pain involved in the harvest… If only the people who are living in poverty in South Africa had employment opportunities other than the corrupt poaching industry…. Its a complex issue with no easy answers but until there is a solution every effort must be made to save these peace loving species from extinction … That”s why we are here…honored to help such noble creatures.”

You go girl! I absolutely adore Christie!

And just because…


  1. Christie is an inspiration for so many reasons! She is always giving back and setting a great example of how honorable, thoughtful people behave!! And oh yeah, SHE’S A STUNNER TOO!

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