Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Fans: Get An Autographed Shirt To Support Music Education Charity!


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis fans, here is your big chance!

In their effort to someday raise $1,000,000 for music education charities, Band Shirt Archive has been busy assembling one of a kind autographed shirt auctions donated by bands and artists.

Today they announced and launched their third auction, an autographed shirt that was given to them by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

“We’re beyond stoked to get support from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. It’s only fitting that two artists with a true understanding of DIY instantly supported our cause,” says Mike Kansa, who represents half of the team at this rapidly growing startup.

Band Shirt Archive was founded by Nate Meyer in 2008 as a means of preserving the wide variety of wearable art he saw in concert lots. Once the site began generating revenue, he hatched the idea to start funding music education charities.

As Nate says, “Without continued investment in music education, where will the next generations of musicians and closets full of band shirts come from?” aims to be the authority on band, concert and tour shirts for all genres of music. Fans of the site have already shared and archived over 2,000 shirts from their personal collections. The website’s revenue comes from a custom shopping comparison engine they’ve built, which at any given time is a catalog of over 100,000 band shirts for sale from a variety of stores and sellers around the world.

You can check out the shirt here!

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