SPONSORED VIDEO: Get Straight Primpin’ With Smirnoff Ice

Ok ladies, Straight Primpin’ is the way to be…according to Smirnoff Ice anyways. The booze brand is looking to attract you, ladies, because the majority of us do like fruity, right?

Well, Smirnoff Ice is fruity AND refreshing, making it the ultimate pre-party drink. And I didn’t know this but the brand has a ton of tangy and tropical flavors to try!

If you check out the video above you will see a group of women in their mid-20’s getting their gangsta rap on while flaunting their goods in fun party attire.

I tell you one thing, I LOVE getting ready for a party, especially in the comfort of my own home. Put on your favorite ensemble, and anticipate the evening’s adventures!

When you add some Smirnoff Ice to the mix, you never know what the evening will bring. And you can see that in the video above. You just never know!

Check out the video “Straight Primpin’” and follow these party-goers and the doggy Tommy Pom as they get ready to end the work week and move into the weekend. It’s all about singing their way from the office, to the taxi cab and right into the living room. Appetizers are ready, camera phones are snapping selfies and Smirnoff Ice is ready to sip.

Smirnoff Ice shows us that sometimes you don’t need to go OUT, but keep things kicking at home in the company of good friends, a little bit of Smirnoff Ice and a sweet little Pomeranian with the perfect poof.

What flavor of Smirnoff Ice would you like to try?

This post is sponsored by Smirnoff Ice.


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