The Saturdays’ Singer’s Battle With Mental Illness


Mental health problems often get thrown to the wayside, but they are serious and obviously a big problem with the increase of suicides. And there are a number of celebrities who have succumbed to the alternative of getting help for their depression or anxiety.

The Saturdays singer Frankie Sandford has called for greater public understanding of mental health problems and she recently spoke about her experiences with depression and anxiety.

Sandford has said that she felt a great burden off of her shoulders when she was able to confide in her fellow band mates.

On how to support those affected, Sandford said, “Send a text, saying how are you today, or just meet up for coffee, so they are not on their own. They don’t particularly have to talk about it, but just let them know you’re there for them and that you care. That’s enough.”

Speaking of discussing her depression with The Saturdays, she added, “[They were] really unfazed. I thought it was going to be this big thing. I’d built it up so much and they were all just like, ‘OK, cool’, and they were just there for me if I did have a panic attack or if I was feeling down that day. The same as you’d hope your friends would be if you were having a bad day.”

In turn, Sandford has teamed up with mental health charities Mind and Rethink for the It’s Time to Talk campaign, which aims to encourage people to talk openly about such issues. And THAT is awesome!


  1. Definitely need more of a voice for people who suffer from mental illness. It was brave of her to speak up and helpful to show how it made life a bit easier once she confided in her friends.

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