Nick Cannon Packs Up Backpacks For Kids

Thank you @NickCannon & @OfficeDepotFndn for the free back-to-school backpacks for NYC kids!

Nick Cannon and Office Depot recently gave away a whole bunch of back to school backpacks for kids in NYC. Just a few days ago the Cannon-Office Depot team distributed 4,000 colorful new sackpacks to deserving children served by non-profit organizations, schools and agencies in the San Diego area.

The Foundation – the independent charitable giving arm of Office Depot® – presented the sackpacks, which contain essential school supplies, during a special “Back-to- School Celebration” at the Mission Valley Office Depot store on Aug. 22.

The non-profit organizations, schools and agencies that to received sackpacks at the event included Pazzaz Inc./New ERAA Planning Committee (in collaboration with the San Diego Unified School District), Bayside Community Center, YMCA of San Diego County.

This is the eighth consecutive year that the Office Depot Foundation has donated backpacks or sackpacks to Pazzaz for the New ERAA event.

“In keeping with our mission – Listen Learn Care − we created these fun and exciting sackpacks in response to what kids have told us they like,” says Foundation President Mary Wong. “Every year, we have seen our donations bring hope to children whose families might not be able to afford to buy school supplies. Parents and teachers alike tell us that we truly are helping children to build self-confidence, boost self-esteem and achieve greater success in the classroom – all as a result of being properly prepared for school.”

Through the award-winning National Backpack Program, which is now in its 12th year, the Office Depot Foundation plans to help children prepare for school by donating 400,000 sackpacks across the United States and internationally – the most ever in a single year. The sturdy, specially designed sackpacks come in seven different color combinations with kidfriendly graphics.

This is so awesome! There are a lot of kids whose families can’t afford new backpacks or even supplies.

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