Batista Says Lady Gaga Saved His Life


Lady Gaga may have been absent from the music industry for a hot minute but she has still been making a difference in the lives of others. Batista, a soon to be professional boxer, is set to train alongside of the legendary Floyd Mayweather, which is an exciting feat in itself. However, it wasn’t always easy for him.

As a student in Crewe, Batista was the victim of bullying which was so bad that he was “this close” to committing seconds. He had a knife in his hand when a Lady Gaga song playing in the background prompted him to put down the knife.

The now 23-year old revealed, “I was a victim of racial abuse with people even calling me a terrorist. I used to stay up crying all night. I was so upset that I got a knife and put it to my neck. I also put it on my wrists and thought, ‘I’m going now – I am going to do it.’ But, by a pure accident, a Lady Gaga tune was on my laptop. It was ‘Marry The Night’ – about how to get over worries. Right away, I realized that I had problems – my ‘night’ if you like. And, as Lady Gaga suggested in the song, I married my problem and accepted it. That was the starting process.”

Even though he endured some troubles he has went on to pursue his dream.

He added, “I am now turning professional and embarking on a journey that can lead right to the top of the world. I have been working well in Vegas with the Mayweather camp and you just can’t have better, more inspiring company, than that. I am now planning to have fights in America and in the UK and my ultimate goal will be to become a world champion.”

I strongly believe that music is a healing power!


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