SPONSORED VIDEO: Every summer has a story. This is ours. What is YOURS?


@Summerbreak is social media’s first reality series and it is definitely gaining some serious attention on the various social media outlets including over 100k followers on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and over 500k views on YouTube…and it’s only been online for two weeks.

There have been 15 webisodes so far and people are seriously starting to catch onto the phenomenon. @SummerBreak, a daily web series that details the lives of high school seniors as they spend their final summer together before college. The huge success already is a pleasant surprise for the show’s producer, Billy Parks.

Of the series Parks said, “It’s always a challenge when you’re doing things in real time without the benefit of three or four months of editing and hindsight of storylines. The challenege is, ‘How do we make sure we’re telling a story that’s going to follow all the way through?’ So we have to pick bits and pieces. It’s a different experience than what people are used to.”

It certainly is an interesting story. Have you checked out the show yet? You can catch a clip via the video above. Let me know what you think of the drama in the comments section below.

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