SPONSORED VIDEO: Kitty, You Better Work!

I am a big kitty fan. In fact, my black kitty cat is my baby and she acts like one too. Well I suppose it it doesn’t help matters that I treat her like one as well. I’m not one of those crazy cat ladies though who has multiple cats who spends most of my time creating gourmet concoctions for my felines or throws a visor on my kitty before taking a stroll through the neighborhood. And let me tell you, I certainly do not take my kitty along with me to fitness classes either.

Instead my kitty gets her fitness with the good old fashioned laser light and toy mice toss.

The thought of a kitty workout video is rather entertaining and after watching this 1980’s inspired exercise video for kitties.

Come one, even if you DON’T own a cat, this is sure to put a smile on your face. Seriously. Cathletes Banjo!
Fritz, Harley, Pumpkin and Tom! Paw rotations! Jumping box squats! Paw extensions!

And it doesn’t get any better than kitty sweatbands.

Check out the bundle of cuteness in the video above.

For more on kitty fitness, check out the Work It Kitty Homepage HERE.

This post is sponsored by Temptations Cat Treats.


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