COOL CATS: Vivica A. Fox, Erik Estrada And Derek Savage Star In Kids Movie Focusing on Anti-Bullying, Anti-Graffiti and Gun Safety


It’s time to take the bullies down, but in a positive manner (no kicking butts or getting even)!

“Cool Cat Saves the Kids” stars Vivica A. Fox, Erik Estrada, Derek Savage and Cool Cat. This movie addresses several griping subjects that affect kids daily, and Cool Cat and his friends show children the cool way to handle the situation. And it’s all about being calm and cool.

Bullying and Cyberbullying – According to the American Academy of Child Psychiatry, over sixty-percent of all children will experience bullying at school, not including adults in the workplace. Even Cool Cat and his friends get bullied by Butch the Bully, and then Cool Cat shows kids how to stop bullying in a Non-Violent way!

Kids Gun Safety – As weapons continually show up at schools, Cool Cat is taking the lead with kids gun safety. Cool Cat and his friends find a gun and Cool Cat shows children the right thing to do if they find a weapon or see someone at school that has one.

Anti-Graffiti – Cool Cat sees some kids Tagging a wall and he explains that it’s not cool to graffiti someone’s property, and everyone becomes friends.

Kids Exercise – Kids are getting too obese, so we’re producing a pro-exercise scene into the movie. And Cool Cat shows children that exercising is fun!

If you are sick and tired of bullies, and if you care about children’s gun safety and exercise for kids, then you can support the “Cool Cat Saves the Kids” film on here.

In addition, the Cool Cat KickStarter campaign has a reward to PUT YOUR KID, or You, in the Movie! You can get an Acting Part with Cool Cat or even be an Associate Producer of the movie! It’s Hollywood, baby!

About COOL CAT – the brand has seven bilingual books, clothing line, DVDs, and Celebrity Endorsements. Cool Cat also participates in the Hollywood Christmas Parade and is active with charity and police events.

About DEREK SAVAGE – Derek is the creator of Cool Cat and he produces and directs the films. Derek also writes novels, screenplays, and produces music.


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