Vampire Diaries Beauty Won’t Bite…Hard!


Last week, actress Candice Accola, star of the hit television show The Vampire Diaries, launched Bite Back for a Cure, the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance’s (TBDA) national campaign to build support for the fight against tick-borne diseases.

Accola first got involved with TBDA after her closest childhood friend was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Seeing her friend’s ongoing struggle, Accola understands the vital need to build awareness about the devastating impact of tick-borne diseases and the very easy ways we can all protect ourselves.

Bite Back for a Cure includes an online campaign, led by Accola, that will accumulate over time “a national video quilt” of individual statements by those affected by tick-borne diseases and their friends and families. This “video quilt” will be sent to state and federal legislators, encouraging them to support Lyme-disease legislation.

This is a cause we don’t hear about very often so this is very cool to see a celebrity step up!

Check out the PSA that the Vampire Diaries beauty worked on for this cause.

Candice Accola PSA from Max Kaplan on Vimeo.


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