Beyonce Invites Boston Marathon Bombing Victims To Hang Out With Her


Beyonce continues her positive influence on others! She may be on tour, but along the way she’s making an impact on others. On Tuesday night, Queen Bey had a concert in Boston. At the show, Beyonce invited some of the survivors from the April marathon bombing backstage. Yes, BACKSTAGE to hang out with her!

Three women who had each lost limbs in the Boston bombing got to meet and take pictures with Bey before her show.

Mery Daniel, 31, Adrianne Haslet, 32, and Heather Abbott, 38, whose stories were told at length in a People Magazine profile in June, each lost their legs and have learned to walk again with prosthetics. And let me tell you, the ladies were absolutely thrilled to meet Bey as they huddled around the pop star who was ready to take the stage for her Mrs. Carter Show. Hence, the skimpy ensemble.


  1. It was very cool of her to visit. She is obviously really busy with her tour she didn’t even have time to put pants on before her visit.

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