James Franco Launches $500,000 Campaign To Benefit Young Directors, Art of Elysium


James Franco is all about helping other young directors achieve their dream. Franco recently launched a $500,000 campaign called Indiegogo which will fund a three-part movie adaptation of his short story compilation Palo Alto Stories.

In addition proceeds from the sale of the films will raise money for Art of Elysium, a non-profit organization that Franco has been very active in supporting.

In a personal statement, James said, “Art of Elysium is a non-profit organization that encourages working actors, artists and musicians to voluntarily dedicate their time and talent to children who are battling serious medical conditions. They have recently created a program called Elysium Industry that supports first-time feature film directors [who] have been volunteering their time with children in need. Working with Art of Elysium has given me the opportunity to share my creativity with hospitalized children and give them the gift of creativity. These children have inspired me and pushed me as an artist in ways that are truly indescribable.”

And believe it or not even though he has the fame, he doesn’t always get what he wants.

“Because of who I am, people often believe that it is easy to find investors and distributors for my films,” he continued. “Unfortunately, things aren’t that easy.

“More times than not, I have put in my own money to produce my films and my students’ films. However, this time it’s different. We need more funding. I will still fund part of it but I need of your help, filming three feature films back-to-back requires more funding than I can give.”


  1. I love how James Franco is deeply vested in the art of film making. Unlike so many other actors who just ‘show up’ and read their lines and collect their pay.

    A man of many talents, indeed!

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