WAIT A MINUTE: Chris Brown Teams Up With Aaliyah For Video Against Gang Violence


Two steps forward for Chris Brown, ya’ll!

Breezy released a video titled “Don’t Think They Know” with the help of a post humous Aaliyah. Yeah, she may be deceased but the R&B star is still influential (and I love that as long as it is used for positive purposes and not personal gain!)

Brown sets the tone of the video with an unexpected message before the music begins.

“Every two hours in America today a child dies of a gunshot woun. Unity is what we are afraid of so fear is insanity, lets love each other.”

Throughout the video Brown is adamant about bringing that message loud and clear. Being in a gang is not cool and he shows his stance on gang violence as he sings with a crowd of kids in front of a school or dancing alone in a dark room.

At a press event for the upcoming 2013 BET Awards Brown admits he wanted to make this video’s message loud and clear. “I shot it in the hood, I went to the 60s. I went to Cedar block. It’s both worlds, it’s bringing both words together in the video trying to uplift the poverty side of the community and just showing them where I’m from.”

The end of the video includes a “rest in peace” message for his friend Michael “Lil Frogg” Reshard, who was an up-and-coming Compton rapper who just this year was shot down in front of a local liquor store.

Check out Brown’s video collaboration with a post-humus Aaliyah below.

Chris Brown feat. Aaliyah – Don’t Think They Know from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.


  1. i looove this song, especially with the aaliyah vocals, but i thought the song was about rihanna. the lyrics sounds like it

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