Jake Gyllenhaal Donates Time and Money To Words of War Event

The Headstrong Project Hosts The First Ever Words Of War Event - Arrivals

Jake Gyllenhaal has a heart of gold. He not only opened up his wallet, but he spoke at the Headstrong Project’s Words of War event in New York City.

Gyllenhaal read the poem “Dulce et Decorum Est,” by Wilfred Owen, to the guests who gathered to support improving comprehensive mental-health care for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…a cause that is important to this nation’s soldiers!

During the evening’s event, various speakers took the stand to share a war piece that focused on the hardships that families endure when a loved one enlists into the military, enters combat and returns home scarred both physically and mentally.

The evening’s auction to raise money for mental health care started out slow, but Gyllenhaal opened his wallet to start out the bidding at $5,000. The donation will go towards training efforts to help with psychotherapy to treat PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Other celebrities in attendance included: Executive Director, Chairman of Headstrong Project, Zach Iscol, Adam Driver, Anthony Edwards, Anna Chlumsky, Joanne Tucker (Theatre of War) and Jonathan Alpeyrie.

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