Beyonce Surprises Two Fans With Tickets To Her Show When She Pops Out Of A Van


Beyonce may be a busy woman but she enjoys taking time for her fans and sometimes surprising them.

In Bratislava, Slovakia Beyonce surprised two fans as they walked past her van. Beyonce they even knew what was going down, camera started to flash and Bey hopped out of the van and surprised the two girls with tickets to her show.

And a photographer get it all on video! The photo who posted the video on YouTube described the scene saying, “Beyoncé stepped out of her car and gave two random girls walking on the street 2 tickets to to her concert which was being held on 19 April 2013. She hugged them and took photos with them.

This might be understood by some people as a good PR but hey, who cares, it made 2 girls very happy so totally worth it, isn’t it ?

I simply decided to share this on YouTube because I consider this as a very nice gesture (not necessarily taking into consideration she is a world-class star but simply from the human point of view) especially in such a small and not well-known country like Slovakia is. People are not very used to such random things and especially not to get anything for free.”

Check out the video for yourself below. It is pretty cool!

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