Jessica Alba Promotes The Honest Life


Since Jessica Alba became a mother, she’s been more conscientious of the products she purchases and uses in her home. After inventing her eco-conscious line called Honest she has become successful in getting the support behind her products including celebrity fans.

Recently Alba stopped by the Mondrian LA hotel in West Hollywood to promote her new book called The Honest Life. The book is about her experience in a new chapter of her life and being an eco-conscious mom turned business owner.

It was just last year that Jessica teamed up with entrepreneur Brian Lee and environmental advocate Christopher Gavigan to launch The Honest Company, a resource for parents and other savvy shoppers looking to find products that are safe for the home. In the book, you can read about how Alba got started on her new business venture and read about what it is like in Jessica’s life raising two young children in Hollywood.

Alba revealed part of her inspiration for the Honest Company. She explains, “I had an allergic reaction to this quote/unquote baby detergent and I was like if this is making me have a reaction what will it do to my child? And I did a lot of research and I found out that there’s lots of toxic chemicals in everything from baby detergent to shampoos and other cleaning products. So it began and created the honest company because I was like families need one trusted company that has high quality, high performance products that don’t have toxic chemicals.”

For more on Alba’s company Honest, check out the official website here.

Congratulations to Jessica on her venture!

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