Lady Gaga Visits Sick Fan After Canceled Tour Announcement


Lady Gaga may have cancelled tour, but it doesn’t mean she is going to stop from doing good. After suffering from a hip injury, the Born This Way singer was forced to cancel her tour but still managed to visit a little fan who had a front row ticket and was unable to see the show.

On Wednesday, Gaga met with 5 year old Kayleigh Burbynski, a young girl suffering from a terminal heart condition, who had planned on seeing Gaga in Chicago.

The Wisconsin girl was devastated that the show was cancelled (as I am sure many fans were), but especially this girl who drove all the way from Wisconsin to Chicago to see the pop star.

A local radio show host actually reached out to Gaga’s camp and made the meeting happen. Radio show host Tony Waitekus posted the update via the radio station’s Facebook page saying, “Even though Lady Gaga was not well enough to do the show due to doctors order (suffering from joint pain), she made it a point of still meeting Kayleigh! Fantastic for Kayleigh and hats off to [Gaga’s people] for making this happen!”

Awesome! So glad that Gaga was able to make this girl smile one way or another.

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