Chris Brown Presents Scholarships To Eleven Future Dance Students!


Recently, Chris Brown and Debbie Allen announced the first group of participants for the Symphonic Love Foundation’s scholarships. Each will receive a full scholarship to the world renowned Debbie Allen Dance Academy. Super exciting!

According to a press release, “Each of the Symphonic Love Scholars will train in comprehensive dance techniques, which is part of the mission of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, to be able to speak the language of dance anywhere in the world. At the end of the year, the scholars will perform in the annual DADA concert and be invited to participate in various auditions. Additionally, Chris plans to showcase the Scholars’ talents and also provide DADA’s other students with unique opportunities for exposure and creative expression.

Chris visited DADA on Saturday to encourage the final applicants while Ms. Allen chose the scholarship winners. When he saw the dancers who didn’t make the final cut, he surprised Ms. Allen by increasing the number of scholarships from five to eleven to include all of them.”

Breezy was quoted as saying, “Everyone has their own unique creativity. One way of being creative isn’t better than another. I’m not judging the finalists. I’m here to inspire and motivate. I could see in their faces and in their energy that they have the drive and the dream. They are all beautiful.”

Allen added her thoughts saying, “Chris Brown is just so special. He has started the Symphonic Love Foundation with a mission to help young people have more opportunities in the performing arts and in life. He came to DADA today to meet the scholarship recipient finalists and was so impressed by the talent that he awarded an additional six scholarships for a total of 11! I love his heart. Thank you, Chris Brown.”

The following were recipients of the fabulous dance scholarships:

Adrienne Beal
Stormy Calloway
Michael George
Wayne Mackins
Alexis Harrington
Joshua Horton
Jhaelin McQuay
Amira Murphy
Makayla Perry
Emma Rosenzweig-Bock
Whitney Springer

Congratulations you guys and good on Chris Brown and Debbie Allen for creating such an opportunity! I am sure these kids are thrilled!

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