Bruno Mars Responds To High School Girl’s Prom Invitation


Bruno Mars just made a 15-year-old’s LIFE. After Emily Torres from Michigan made a plea on for the Locked Out of Heaven star to take her to her prom, Torres got to meet him on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Bruno Mars has promised to make one teen fan’s 2013 prom night extra special after she offered up a plea for him to be her date on

Ok, so he didn’t get to take the girl to prom because he had prior engagements and that is kind of a bummer, but he did say that he would make sure she was dressed to the nines via Gucci.

Mars told Torres, “I’m gonna hook you up with a dress to make you look just as beautiful and amazing as you are and when I come to the city near you I got four tickets for you and your friends so you can see me. You’re gonna be front row and you’re gonna be my guest.” Gucci??!!! Hello!

Even though Bruno couldn’t make it to Emily’s prom, he did offer to dance with her on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. And that they did! I definitely could live with that and it seems Emily Torres was quite satisfied as well.

Check out the videos below!

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