Rihanna Gives Big Tip To Waiter!


Rihanna is one of the world’s biggest stars and sure she has cash to spare, but sharing the wealth is always cool especially if you are working your tail off to make a celebrity happy. Last Friday night, Rihanna made a waiter’s day at the Laugh Factory Comedy Club in Los Angeles where she saw comedian Dane Cook’s stand up show. For the waiter that served her that night? $200 CASH tip!

According to TMZ,

the 24-year-old was enjoying the start to her weekend with a group of six pals, who descended on the well-known comedy club, clearly in need of a laugh.

The singer allegedly made her presence at the club well and truly known as she spent the evening laughing loudly at the comic’s jokes, in between chatting to her friends.

And when the time came to settle the bill, which only came to $80, Rihanna reportedly called over her waiter and asked him what the most he’d ever been tipped was. When he told her that he’d once received $100, the star counted out $200 into his hand, saying: ‘Now I’m your biggest tip.’

Bam! Just like that. $200 may not be much to Rihanna, but you can bet that waiter was thrilled!

Image via Instagram

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