One Republic, Adrian Grenier Not All About the Swag At Sundance


Cream of Wheat was at the Oakley Learn to Ride suite, offering a hot and satisfying snack to snowboarders and celebrities before hitting the slopes. Adrian Grenier, Ben Savage, Jesse Williams, One Republic and Sam Jaeger were some of the top names to come through and indulge – enjoying their Cream of Wheat and signing bowls for donation to the Ronald McDonald House of New York.

Adrian Grenier signs his Cream of Wheat bowl for the Ronald McDonald House, while Ben Savage took a few boxes of Cream of Wheat home, saying he loved Cream of Wheat for breakfast as a kid. The Ladies of The Help, Ahna O’Reilly and Octavia Spencer, signed bowls and took home several boxes of Cream of Wheat to enjoy throughout the Sundance festivities. One Republic tried Cream of Wheat Chocolate to fuel up before performing later that night.

It’s good to see that despite all the swag surrounding them, the celebrities are lending a hand to even offer a signed item for charity.

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