Destiny’s Child Singer’s Silent Struggle With Depression


Michelle Williams worked most of her time in the music industry as a member of the hit R&B group Destiny’s Child. But now that Beyonce and Kelly Rowland have branched off doing their own thing, Williams reveals that not only has she been working on music of her own (a solo album is in the world) and is making her own successful career, she’s been fighting a silent struggle with depression.

It was back when she was 15 or 16 that she first experienced her first bout of depression but she has dealt with it sans medication for years. Her dark cloud lifted thanks to exercise, therapy and positive thinking.

Williams is just now speaking out about her struggle to help out others who may be silently struggling. “I’ve dealt with depression. I had to choose to get out of bed and do whatever I needed to do to be happy,” she said. But it isn’t that easy to just say you are going to get out of bed and live your life as a happy person. Sure, choosing to live a better life is the first step.

“We’re taught, ‘Just go to church and pray about it. The Lord is going to heal you.’ Well, in the meantime, I believe God-gifted people, physicians, doctors, therapists — that’s your healing. Take advantage of it,” she said. “Go see a professional so that they can assess you. It’s OK if you’re going through something. Depression is not OK, but it is OK to go get help.”

Williams is currently working on the Broadway show Fela, playing the role of Sandra Isadore.

I certainly know it isn’t easy to talk about depression and mental illness, but it is cool that celebrities like Michelle step out so that others won’t feel it is taboo to talk about.

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