Lil Jon Returns To Celebrity Apprentice For Diabetes Awareness


WHAT?!!!!!! Okayyyyyyyyy!!!

Lil Jon is taking a break on his jams to raise awareness about diabetes via Celebrity Apprentice. Yep, the rapper is returning to NBC for Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars for a good cause. But he wasn’t going to return to the hit show after being initially asked to come back…UNTIL his mother’s diabetes came out of remission. He’s doing it for his mama!

Lil Jon said, “It made me say, ‘You know what? Maybe I should go back to help bring awareness for friends and family of people with diabetes.'”

In addition to his mother’s struggle, he was also inspired by the Tribe Called Quest documentary Beats, Rhymes and Life after watching Phife unveil his day to day life

The rapper explained, “I know Phife, and his struggle was he wasn’t taking care of himself while they were doing their thing in hip-hop. He lost a kidney, and his wife had to give him one of her kidneys. So [that] touched me.”

Celebrity Apprentice All Stars, which also features LaToya Jackson, Omarosa and Claudia Jordan, will return to NBC on March 3rd.

As a huge fan of this show, I’m excited to see Lil Jon play for the win! The guy is brilliant.

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