John Mayer Returns To Stage After Battling Voice Problems

6th Annual Stand Up For Heroes - Show

For the first time in two years, John Mayer has returned to the stage to perform live. Mayer has been recovering from a second bout of vocal cord problems, but on Wednesday, the singer performed “Speak for Me” at a benefit concert in Montana.

He announced his return via Twitter along with a photo saying, “And we’re back.” Sure he may be back but he reveals that he has a long ways to go before he reaches 100 percent. “I don’t have a ton of range … I’m a 70-year-old version of myself.” Mayer said. “It’s like a painter with just reds and purples.”

Mayer has battled a granuloma in this throat TWICE and a recovery is still going to take him months. He explains, “They cut this thing out, then they inject your vocal cords with Botox, which freezes [them] so [they] can heal without smacking up against the other side.”

The benefit concert in Montana may seem kind of random, but believe it or not Mr. Mayer has a home in Montana and he decided to organize Wednesday’s benefit to help firefighters who battled last summer’s Pine Creek Fire, a fire that destroyed more than 8,500 acres of forest AND farmland near Bozeman. Now that’s a lot of acreage.

What many of you may not know is that firefighters from the area did help save his home (and many others’ homes) and so he wanted to give back.

Tickets for the show did go on sale last month and per expected, they sold out in mere minutes and that includes 44 tickets priced at $1,000 per ticket!

In other words, I am sure they raised some good money for this particular event.

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