EXCLUSIVE: Actress Elina Madison Brings Human Trafficking and Bullying to Light!


Bigfoot Entertainment, together with Fashion One Television Network and the Fashion One Foundation, will premiere the highly anticipated feature, The Girl With No Number, to coincide with National Human Trafficking Awareness Day on January 11, 2013.

Acclaimed actress (and former Elite model) Elina Madison stars as a co-conspirator in a vicious human trafficking scheme, involving a young Vietnamese woman Phuon Ly (played by Bebe Pham), who becomes a prisoner in this horrific tale.

“It is a movie befitting Human Trafficking Awareness Day. The film brings awareness and is the first step for the Fashion One Foundation in shedding light to the masses on this issue,” Fashion One Foundation director, Ashley Jordan, explains.


Madison tells Celebritiesdogood.com exclusively, “Human trafficking is something that is alive and active today here in our country and on the planet. People are not really aware that this continues to go on, because it’s one of those issues that doesn’t get attention. It’s just not talked about. I think it’s vitally important to bring attention to this and bring it to light.”

In addition to human trafficking, Madison tells us that she also feels strongly about treating each other with kindness. She explains, “A cause that is close to my heart is the issue of bullying. I am a mother of a 6 year old daughter and she is in school, where and when this type of thing starts. So it’s an important issue to me. I’m saddened how far bullying has gone to the point of children committing suicide, and so on. It’s heartbreaking. To help the cause of bullying, I appeared in and produced an anti-bullying music video called “Can’t Change Me” which when it was released ranked in the top ten of all videos on Youtube within the first week. I’m encouraging people to download the song for free at CantChangeMe.org. They can also get the whole album by DJ Bartman at DonationTunes.org – where the proceeds go toward Toys for Tots. This will all help raise awareness about the anti-bullying issue and support the cause.”

You can help out the cause by downloading the song at Cantchangeme.org! Go!

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