One Direction, Orlando Bloom Raise Awareness of World Hunger With New Video


World hunger is a big fat problem but there are a slew of big name celebrities who are all about raising awareness. In a brand new video released today, Orlando Bloom, Myleene Klass, Bill Gates and One Direction helped put together a video to promote Enough Food for Everyone, a campaign launched by a group of charities including Oxfam, UNICEF and Save the Children to take on world hunger.

For the video, One Direction revealed some pretty startling facts about the the world hunger issue. Harry Styles said, “One third of children in sub Saharan Africa are malnourished” while Zayn Malik added, “Big corporations avoid paying millions to Africa every day. If we stop this, all of Africa could have enough food to eat.”

Check out the video which includes celebrities lending their voices to bring awareness to world hunger below!

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