Adam Lambert Gives His 31st Birthday To We Are Family Foundation


Adam Lambert’s birthday is TODAY (Happy Birthday, Adam!) and instead of sending him a birthday present, he has given his birthday to the We Are Family Foundation. With that being said, he is hoping that you will donate to the charity in lieu of gifts.

Today just so happens to be Lambert’s birthday so if you are feeling like buying him something, he asks that you instead check out the charity website for information on how you can make him happy.

So here’s the deal, this means that Adam is asking his fans, friends and family to donate $31 (or any amount you like) to the charity cause.

According to the website here’s what you are supposed to do: “Donate $31 or more and we’ll send you instructions on how to upload a 10 second video birthday message that we’ll put together as the World’s Biggest Birthday Card for Adam! Donate less than $31 and we’ll show you how to sign the birthday card.

Your donation will directly support We Are Family Foundation’s initiatives that empower youth around the globe to help make the world a better place. Just imagine what we can all do together!”

Just go here to make your donation and wish Adam a happy birthday!

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