Mark Zuckerberg Donates $500 Million To…


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan announced (on his Facebook page, of course) that they donated 18 million of his shares in Facebook to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Can you say, holy freakin’ moly?!!!

This is in addition to the $100 million that Zuckerberg already donated back in 2010 to help improve Newark schools.

Via his Facebook page, Zuckerberg wrote, “Together, we will look for areas in education and health to focus on next,” Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page. “I’m hopeful we’ll be able to have as positive an impact in our next set of projects.”

According to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the shares have already been donated and in case you were wondering how much 18 million shares of Facebook is worth…try $498 MILLION. This is, in fact, THE largest single donation to education this year.

“This is great news for people who are passionate about improving public education,” said Jen Holleran, executive director of Startup:Education, which is a supporting organization of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. “Mark’s commitment to dramatically improving the public schools in Newark has been making exciting progress, and we’re thrilled to know that his larger dedication to philanthropy is continuing.”

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