Madonna Builds TEN Schools!


There’s no doubt that Madonna has a soft spot for Malawi, the poverty stricken county where she adopted two of her children from. The pop legend has made a commitment to support the children from the country and has built TEN schools that will educate over 4,500 children.

Madonna’s charity Raising Malawi and the global nonprofit buildOn teamed up together to build the ten schools in just twelve months.

What we do know is that six of the schools are already in session and in just a month, all schools will be ready for business.

Madonna commented on the completion of the schools, “I am overjoyed that my commitment along with buildOn’s to help educate the children of Malawi has come to fruition. In a country where girls have little opportunity for education, it’s additionally inspiring to know that more than half the students attending will be young girls. The fact that more than 4,800 children in Malawi will get to go to school next year is a tremendous step forward for their individual growth and the growth of Malawi.”

“Madonna’s commitment to the children of Malawi is inspiring,” said Jim Ziolkowski,founder and CEO of buildOn. “Through Raising Malawi’s support we were able to build 10 schools that will educate literally generations of children who need it the most.”

Congratulations Malawi and to Madonna for making it happen!

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